Meldrum Brothers Band | About
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The Band

Chris, and T.J. have been playing together as the Meldrum Brothers Band since the summer of 2008 along with Chris’ brother Gary Meldrum. Chris was playing solo, T.J. was just finishing up playing with the St. Clair River Band, and Gary was finishing his time with the Adam Allen Band. Gary first joined Chris as the Meldrum Brothers in the summer of 2007. He took and job in Ohio and would come back on the weekends to play with Chris in the band. Shortly after that T.J. joined Chris and Gary and they became the Meldrum Brothers Band. Then a few months after that, Dickie would join the band after playing years in the Three Amigo’s Band. In 2021, Dickie left and they added their new lead guitarist, Steven.

The band was working pretty much every weekend for a few years, but then Gary’s job in Ohio was getting too busy for him to come back every weekend so he had to leave the band. That is when T.J. made a call to Erik Glasius who had played with T.J. and Dickie back in the 80’s and early 90’s to see if he would be interested in joining the band. And as luck would have it, Erik was available and was eager to join the Meldrum Brothers Band and he did in November of 2011. Ten years later, the band would need to replace Dickie, only to gain another talented lead guitarist named Steven, who happended to be available and ready rock.

The Meldrum Brothers Band is the busiest band around southeastern Michigan. As you can see from the calendar page, they are playing just about every weekend somewhere. The band has been very fortunate to play a few big gigs over the years including opening for long time country music star Lee Greenwood for a special 9/11 concert in Lansing, Michigan in 2010. Aquapalooza, which is an outdoor music festival on the waters of Lake St. Clair, has also been an honor for the band to play every year.

The band is very thankful to all of the people that come out to see them perform and continued compliments that they receive. The continued support of fans and friends is what keeps the band going strong. The band plays a wide variety of music including mostly Classic Rock and Country, with a little Folk and Top 40 mixed in.

If you are looking for a great night out and feel like listening to some great music and harmonies, you have got to come and check out the Meldrum Brothers Band.

Check us out of Facebook: MELDRUM BROTHERS BAND